The Wisdom House Project

In the Fall of 2015, sixteen St. Peter’s parishioners met with the intention to respond to the need of Syrians affected by civil war.  As the worst humanitarian crisis our planet has seen in over 60 years continues to unfurl in Syria, those most affected are the children. Thousands of orphaned children are internally displaced in an active, unmerciful war zone. Years have gone by without proper education and livelihoods for millions of innocent civilians in the country.

In the Spring of 2016, Jerry Adams and the Rev. Teri Daily had coffee at Stoby’s with Mouaz Moustafa, the Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force.  Mouaz told them about a school predominantly for orphans in Idlib Province in Syria.  After speaking with other parishioners, a decision was made by St. Peter’s and others in the Conway community to make a difference in the lives of these children.

A working group was formed from members of the Conway community, and The Wisdom House Project was born, an initiative to sustain and connect to a Syrian orphanage for at least the next five years. Church, hospital, business, education, and community leaders in Conway meet regularly to make decisions and plan events to advocate, educate, and fundraise for The Wisdom House School in Syria.

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