Guatemalan Mission

Guatemala is a beautiful country with an incredibly poor population of indigenous Mayan people.  Each year a group from St. Peter’s takes part in a mission trip to the western region of Guatemala where many of the Mayan people live in mountain villages with little or no health care.  Our mission team is composed of Episcopalians from Grace Church in Siloam Springs, St. Paul’s in Fayetteville, and St. Mark’s in Little Rock, as well as service-minded people from the community of Conway.  Working closely with Bishop Carlos Lainfiesta (bishop of the western part of the Diocese of Guatemala) and the Rev. Roberto Armas (priest and physician from Quezaltenango), the team sets up temporary medical clinics in several mountain villages, delivering invaluable healthcare and medications to people who have sometimes walked miles to see a physician.

The Guatemala Mission Trip is scheduled every year to begin the first Saturday after Easter Sunday.

Planning for upcoming trips starts every year in August and September. If you are interested in more information you are welcome to contact Marianne Welch at

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