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September -May

Family Formation is for ages 3 and up! We begin each gatheringat 10:00 am on Sunday Mornings. Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers are invited to participate as well.
Nursery Care for children ages 6-months through 3 years is available during Family Formation.

So what is Family Formation??
Family Formation is a multi-generational spiritual formation experience for families with children ages 3-18. Our mission is to honor families by providing an innovative program for our children, youth, and their caregivers, that helps them connect with each other, Christ, and the Episcopal tradition. Through Family Formation we hope to encourage families in how to find joy in fellowship, be the personal presence and witness of God to the world and to approach the sacred with wonder.

Below is the schedule that we will follow this year:
10:00 am – Snacks in the Parish Hall
10:15 Welcome & Hear – Lesson Introduction and Game in the Parish Hall Chapel
10:30 Preschool and Children through 2nd grade are dismissed to continue their lessons in Classroom 3 in the Christian Ed wing for the remaining time.
10:30 Respond – Remaining parents, children, and youth will be broken in to small groups for lessons and discussions. These groups are typically made up of 2-3 families. Children who attend without parents will be given a youth-age buddy and will go with that buddy’s group.
10:40 Launch – Group Reflection and Activity
10: 50 Dismissal

For more information contact Jerusalem Greer, Minster to Children, Youth & Families.