These Are Our Bodies: Learning and Loving Youth Retreat

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This retreat,  facilitated by Doug and Jenny Knight (who is a practicing Doula) is open to St, Peter’s of Conway, and St. Margaret’s of Little Rock’ youth. The retreat will be supported by myself and leaders from St. Margaret’s and will serve as a theological and practical start to the conversation about the complexities of sexuality in today’s world grounded in the Episcopal tradition. This study will include discussion and examination of the role of sexuality in our lives in all its dimensions.

Following the retreat, there will be follow-up gatherings at each church for parents and youth to process the retreat together, and separately.

For families who are looking for a real-life, theologically-rich, and shame-free way to approach sexuality I truly believe that this retreat is the best place to start. I have met several of the program authors and I can vouch for their intention and talent.

When: Friday, September 8 – Sunday, September 10

Where: Canterbury Lodge, Camp Mitchell

Who: Students in 6-8th grade

Leaders: Doug and Jenny Knight

Cost: $100 (for materials, lodging, and meals)*