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10:00 am – Adult Forum (Library)

Adult Forum is open to all members of the St. Peter’s community.  We discuss various topics of interest to our members.  Lecturers frequent our forum in person, but videos and books are also used.  In those cases discussions are loosely led by a discussion leader.  Past topics have included Pentecostalism, Quakerism, Protestantism, Judaism, various perspectives on the meaning of Jesus, the Enneagram, and the books Paradise Lost and The Divine Comedy.

he following is the list of topics that will be discussed:
December 4: Islamic Experience in America
December 11: Moravian Love Feast Christmas Mass
December 18: Islamic Experience in America

Jay McDaniel (Hendrix) will be leading two sessions on Contemporary Islamic Thought in December: Dec. 4 and Dec. 18.   The subject is timely.   As he explains, contemporary Muslims in many parts of the world are caught between two antagonisms: a fear or suspicion of Islam on the one hand, and the reality of militant Islam on the other.   Islamophobia and the rise of militant Islam have led them to take their faith more seriously, seeking to understand it as a possibility for goodness, peace, and justice in the world.   Toward that end some Muslims have turned to classical sources with its rich intellectual history and some to the forward-looking thinking of the spiritual father of modern Pakistan, Muhammad Iqbal.   Many have also turned to what some Muslims take to be the spiritual core of Islam: Sufism as embodied, for example, in the poetry and philosophy of Rumi.  Jay will be talking about all of these issues.  If you are curious about Jay’s own interest in Islam, please see his How I Got Interested in Islam: http://www.jesusjazzbuddhism.org/how-i-got-interested-in-islam-jay-mcdaniel.html.