give to the general fund
When you give to the General Fund you are helping to support St. Peter’s everyday ministries and operating expenses of the church. We pray that your giving comes from a deep abiding sense of gratitude for the gift of this community and the gift we have in Jesus, the one who does not leave our side in our walk of faith. Our own walk is deepened when we give not from a perspective of “what is my fair share,” or even, “what can I afford”; rather, our faith comes alive when we give from a grace-filled and grateful heart. Giving generously gives strength and hope for the journey ahead.


Give to the discretionary fund
The primary use of discretionary funds is to assist those in need, both within the congregation and in the larger community. Wherever possible, payments for rent, utilities, medical care are made directly to the provider rather than to the individual or family. This fund is extremely vital to helping meet concrete needs among our St. Peter’s family and the extended community.


Give to the food pantry
Our Food Pantry is one of the most tangible ways we help those in need in Faulkner County. Each week the pantry is stocked with staples, and each week we find our shelves almost completely bare at the end of Saturday morning. The more food we have, the more we can give away. The good we can do in the community through our Food Pantry is directly related to the generosity and service of the people like you!


Bank Withdrawal Authorization Form

If you would like to have your tithe automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account, please print this page out, fill out all lines of information, and return it to the church office.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike King at 501-329-8174, or